Permissibility of constructing building over grave mentioned in Quran

[Kahf 18:9] Did you know that the People of the Cave and People close to the Woods, were Our exceptional signs?

[Kahf 18:10] When the young men took refuge in the Cave – then said, Our Lord! Give us mercy from Yourself, and arrange guidance for us in our affair.”

[Kahf 18:11] We then thumped upon their ears in the Cave for a number of years. (* Put them to sleep.)

[Kahf 18:12] We then awakened them to see which of the two groups more accurately tells the period they had stayed.

Section 2

[Kahf 18:13] We shall narrate their account to you accurately; they were young men who believed in their Lord, and We increased the guidance for them.

[Kahf 18:14] And We made their hearts steadfast when they stood up and said, “Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth – we shall not worship any other deity except Him – if it were, we have then said something excessive.”

[Kahf 18:15] “These – the people of ours – have set up Gods besides Allah; why do they not bring a clear proof regarding them? And who is more unjust than one who fabricates a lie against Allah?”

[Kahf 18:16] “And when you have disassociated yourself from them and all what they worship besides Allah – so take refuge in the Cave – your Lord will spread His mercy for you and arrange ease for you in your affairs.”

[Kahf 18:17] And O dear Prophet (Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him) you will see the sun that when it rises it shifts away to the right of their cave, and when it sets it shifts away to their left, and they are in the open ground of that cave; this is from among the signs of Allah; whomever Allah guides – only he is therefore guided; and whomever He sends astray – you will never find for him a friend who guides.

Section 3

[Kahf 18:18] And you may think they are awake, whereas they are asleep; and We turn them over to the right and the left – and their dog is on the threshold of the cave, with its paws outstretched; O listener, were you to look at them closely, you would turn back running away from them, and be filled with their dread.

[Kahf 18:19] And similarly We awakened them so that they may enquire about each other; a speaker among them said, “How long have you stayed here?” Some among them said, “We have stayed a day or part of a day”; the others said, “Your Lord well knows how long you have stayed; therefore send one of you to the city with this silver coin – he may then check which food available there is purer, in order to bring some of it for you to eat – and he must be courteous and not inform anyone about you.”

[Kahf 18:20] “Indeed if they come to know about you, they will stone you or turn you back to their religion – and if so, you will never prosper.”

[Kahf 18:21] And this is how We made them known for people to know that the promise of Allah is true and that there is no doubt concerning the Last Day; when the people began disputing among themselves regarding them, they said, “Construct a building over their cave”; their Lord well knows them; those who dominated in this matter said, “We promise we will build a  Masjid over them.”

[Kahf 18:22] So the people will now say, “They are three, their dog is the fourth”; and some will say, “They are five, their dog is the sixth” – just blind guesses; and some will say, “They are seven, and their dog is the eighth”; proclaim (O dear Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), “My Lord well knows their number – no one knows them except a few”; therefore do not debate concerning them except what has occurred, and do not ask any of the People of the Book(s) anything concerning them.

Section 4

[Kahf 18:23] And never say about anything that, “I will do this tomorrow.”

[Kahf 18:24] Except “If Allah wills”; and remember your Lord when you forget, and say, “It is likely that my Lord will guide me to a more accurate way of virtue than this.”

[Kahf 18:25] And they stayed in their Cave for three hundred years * and nine more *. (* 300 according to the Solar calendar and 309 according to the Lunar calendar.)

[Kahf 18:26] Say, “Allah well knows how long they stayed; for Him only are the hidden of the heavens and the earth; how well He sees and hears! They do not have any supporter besides Him; and He does not associate anyone in His command.” 

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