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Seeking help ,Visiting Shrine of Ambiya ,Auliya & Pious people with Quran & Hadith references.

“We are living in a world of uncertainty and misconceptions. Man is beginning to question the very roots of his beliefs for Allah Almighty and the Holy Prophet Sall Allahu alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallim, to create doubt in the minds…..

“Permissibility of Faatiha Teeja, Daswaan and Chaliswaan(Chehellum) from Quran & Hadith”

The reward (Sawab) of physical and financial good deeds is conveyed and received in favour of the other Muslim and it is permissible, in support of which there are many proofs provided by the verses of the Holy Qur’an, AHadith…..

“Ibne Abdul Wahab Najdi Exposed Commits Shirk & Shirk factory”

Page 15, divine text by Imam Mustafa ibn Ahmad ash-Shatti ( Rh) Translator: Abu Ja`far al-Hanbali 1. Imam Mustafa ibn Ahmed ash – Shatti writes about Ibn Abdul Wahab al Najdi al Tamimi Some of the major doctrinal positions propounded…..

Brief explaination on Waseela / Wasila / Tawassul by Quran & Hadith reference.

It is the belief of the Ahl-as-Sunnah that it is permissible to supplicate to Allah with the Tawasul of good deeds. It is permitted to supplicate with the Tawasul of a living pious person and it is also permitted to…..

Why are “Differences” ??? with Breif Evidences.

1. ALLAH can tell a lie. (Fataawa Rasheediyah, vol. 1. Page 19). 2. Al-Laah does not know beforehand what His creations would do. Al-Laah comes to know of their doings only after they have done something. (Tafseer Bulghatul Hairaanpages 157…..

Breif Explaination of BiD’AH / BiD’AT

Every Innovation is not a Bid’at ! Categories of Bidah [innovations, bidats] in Islam :Every innovation Bidah is not bad: Defination of Bidah: Some thing which wasn’t performed or done during time of Prophet (saleh ala waalihi wasalam) but introduced…..

Let’s Understand SHiRK in the light of Quran & Hadith.

Literally: In Arabic SHIRK means Partnership, Sharing or Associating Islamic Terminology: Assigning partners with Allah  Subhana Wa Taala  in whatever form it may take Major Shirk [16:36] We have sent a messenger to every community, saying, “You shall worship Allah,…..

Different types of SHiRK

“In this article, Insha Allah, I will explain Shirk and its classifications as I learnt from my Shaykh/Hazrat. “ Shirk is associating partner with Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala or giving a share (of those which belongs to Allah alone) to…..

Destruction of Maqam / Mazaar / Shrine / Dargah by Salafi / Wahabi regime.

On 21 April 1926 (Wednesday, 8 Shawwal 1344 A.H.), the mausoleums in al-Baqi were destroyed by king Ibn Saud. In the same year, he also demolished the tombs of holy persons at Mualla Cemetery in Mecca where Muhammad ‘s first…..

Salafi / Wahabi Scholar Ibn Taymiyyah’s love for Ahle Bait / bayt ?????

Ibn Taymiyyah’s Love for Ahle Bayt—One of the harshest opponents of the Shia was Ibn Taymiyyah, and because of this, some of the Shia have slandered him by claiming that he was a Nasibi (i.e. hater of Ahlel Bayt). Answering-Ansar…..